Well, I made it here safe and sound. Vancouver is such a great city! The public transortation is wonderful, however, I unfortunatley have not really taken advantage of it much- I’ve walked almost every where this far and my legs are killing me! People here are so friendly and the city is just gorgeous.

For my first session (three presentors), I tried the “stream of conscience” approach to blogging with the intent to go back and clean up the entries.

Well, I’m not terribly comfortable with it and I think that I may be able to organize my thoughts better on paper. So for the rest of the day I am going to use the antiquated method of pen and paper, and just update everyone at the end of the day.

I would like to note that the only people who have approached me, or that I have approached at the conference thus far have been smokers outside on a smoke break. I am actually thankful that I am a smoker right now, what a wonderful social tool! I’m kind of shy, so it is not too often that I approach people to chat.

So much more to write and comment about- but I’m off to a workshop about “Anthropology in the Private Sector”.