I had an interesting thought that I wanted to share to see if anyone could give me any insight into the matter….

I’m staying at a hostel here in Vancouver. I usually stay in hostels when I travel because they are inexpensive, usually in a good location, and you meet such interesting people! However, I have noticed that (while staying at hostels and speaking with people at the conferences, etc) that most Americans do not stay in hostels. There are a lot of hostels in America that you can stay at if you are American, and it seems like most do not take advantage of it.

I’ve been surprised to hear, both last year in Santa Fe and here in Vancouver, that most students that come to the SFAA conference do not stay in the hostels. I would think that would be an anthropologists’ dream! You get to meet people from all over the world, and save money- most of us haven’t become rich yet.

Could it be that Americans do not know about hostels?