Well, I am back from Vancouver and I have been busy since I got back. Vancouver was absolutely gorgeous and we had a wonderful time.

While at the conference I attended the University of North Texas reception to celebrate thier launch of An Online Applied Antrho Masters Program. I found out about the progam from one of their grad students on a smoke break (I did however end up speaking to a few people at the conference while not on smoke breaks). So, I went to the reception and met some of the grad students and facultuy. I have to start off by saying it was a really nice set up. I learned a lot about the program and really enjoyed talking to everyone. I ended up hanging out with them a little bit at a bar after the event- my kind of people.

The group was great, everyone was so friendly and interesting. After careful consideration after coming home, I have decided to apply to their program for Fall 2006. This means that I have to get everything ready by May 1st. I work at a college bookstore, so things at work are really busy right now as we approach the end of the semester. This is all very rushed, but I have been thinking about grad school a lot and I think I can get it done.

The idea of an applied anthro program online sounds a little weird, but you do fly out to the campus twice, there is an online community and the dept is striving to give the students the same experience online that one would get on campus. Also, it works great for me because my boyfriend can’t move out of the south and keep his job- which limits my options.

If I were to get accepted I would either continue my smokers as a subculture work or do organziational anthro.

Wish me luck. I have a ton of work a head for me, so things might get slow here.