While I have thoroughly enjoyed only having work as a commitment since I graduated last August, I have recently decided that I need to do more involved activities with my spare time. My stack of books-to-read has been piling up since last year, and I am hoping that come August I will not have any time to do non-school reading (I haven’t heard from UNT yet and I still have my fingers crossed). This said, I am going to spend the rest of my summer reading. I’ll post what I found to be the main points of the books and my rating of the book. It is very likely that I will also share some thoughts I developed from reading the books. Feel free to join in and/or recommend books. If you are bored this summer as well, I recommend joining in on Savageminds’ reading circle. I regret that I’m not involved in it…. but this stack of books is staring me in the face.