While I was reading The Tipping Point, I began to wonder where we may find Connectors, Mavens & Salemen on the Internet.

Almost instantly I thought of del.icio.us. This is a social bookmarking site that allows users to tag links under what ever they see fit, i.e. prgramming, anthropology, books, etc. You can than view your own tags or you can search what others have tagged under that catergory or what others have tagged the same link as. It really is a neat site.

The Mavens on del.icio.us are the people that tag a lot of different sites and tag a lot of sites under the same tags. Kerim over at Keywords and Savage Minds served as my Maven of choice when I first found del.icio.us over a year ago. He tagged a lot f things I was interested in and tagged often, so I subscribed to his account through RSS and followed him around until I learned my own way around. In fact, I emailed Kerim to ask him if he would mind that I use his account as an example and in true Maven fashion, he replied with an of course not and included a link to an article about Folksonomy and del.icio.us that he had written awhile ago. Mavens are here to help and want to help.

Why do Mavens hang out on Del.icio.us? I believe for some it’s accidental. Del.icio.us is a wonderful tool for keeping track of articles, sites, blogs that you are interested in. If you tag a lot for yourself in order to keep track of things, you may become a Maven. People tag links that they find interesting or useful. If your profile is public, than you are sharing all of the links you like with others.

But who are the Mavens on this site? Top Taggers makes it very easy to seek them out. This site tracks who is tagging the most under different tags. My boyfriend’s del.icio.us is in the top 25 taggers almost consistently on this site. He started tagging to keep track of the interesting things he came across on his 300+ blogs he reads everyday. He has quite a few people in his network that have linked to him as one of thier favorites. He didn’t know he was in the top taggers until a year after he was using his account. My account is ranked in the 6000s. Interestingly enough, Joshua, the creator of del.icio.us is listed as the 500th (or so) top tagger on this site.