I’ll give you a brief intro to the program while I finish up my break:

Most (if not all) of the students that started the online master’s program this semester are taking two courses:
Thought and Praxis 1 and Ethnographic & Qualitative Methods. By taking at least two courses a semester you are on a schedule to graduate in three years. The courses are designed to be manageable by a working person with a family and/or other priorities. At the moment, I am neither. I am taking at least the next couple of months off from working and really don’t have too many other priorities- once I get this whole moving thing out of the way of course.

Since I really can’t give someone an idea of what the program would be like if you were trying to balance a job and school, I will try to put it into perspective by sharing the amount of time and work put into the courses. And as far as I can tell, you are expected to check your email and the discussion boards everyday. There is an hour long teleconference each week for one of the courses. Both courses have around 30 or so pages of reading to do each week in addition to an assignment.

Ethnographic & Qualitative Methods is an intense course. We will be conducting a collaborative research project for a real client and are thus on a tight schedule. There is a lot of work to be done for the course. However, the professor does give you a good idea on the syllabus of what weeks will be very intensive and time consuming so that you may plan your life accordingly.

I’m going to get back to reading now. I’ll keep you updated!