Back in November of last year antropologi.info posted about arm chair anthropology and the post also included a post by Kerim via Savage Minds. The two posts from last year are about visual anthropology and folksonomy research done via the web.

With the new talk of Scott Madry of UNC- Chapel Hill using Google Maps to find archaeological sites, I’m wondering just how many of the subfields of anthropology are going to be able to pull off this new arm chair anthropology via the web?
Linguistics and cultural are some what obvious (del.icio.us, myspace, youtube, etc) but now archaeology too!

I think that it is wonderful that anthropologists are recognizing the new resources available on the internet and are not so far “behind the times”.

I wonder if the new resources will make fieldwork more accessible to all? I’m also anxious to see the new ethical, reliability, and validity concerns that virutal research will bring with it.

I hope that this new arm chair anthropologists gets an ergonomic key board in addition to the fancy red velvet chair 🙂

To read about Madry, Archaeology and Google maps from someone who actually knows somthing about archaeology see Will’s blog: Nomadic Thoughts

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