In two weeks and one day I will be on a plane to San Jose to attend the 105th meeting of the AAA.

I actually just decided to go last week when I looked at the program and saw everyone that will be presenting. Over the last three years, I’ve taken notes at all of the conferences I’ve attended. In those notes, I make comments about the presentations and speakers that I really enjoyed- and everyone that I have enjoyed will be there!

I’ve gone through the program and highlighted all of the sessions I want to attend and I’ve searched the program to see who will be there. There are a lot of sessions with a focus in business anthropology.

I will more than likely take notes and blog about the sessions, but I’m not going to blog in real time because you might remember what a disaster that was last time! And, as you may have guessed, almost all of the sessions I will be attending are the ones with a focus in business.

If you have any suggestions about things to do in San Jose, sessions to catch, or you’ll be in San Jose, let me know!