As an undergrad I used my handy dandy Olympus VN-240 voice recorder. I love this little recorder, the sound quality is excellent, it has three folders for storage and it is very easy to use. Its one fault is that it does not have PC connectivity.

So, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I had heard from others in the UNT program that Sony recorders came with easy to use software and overall are good recorders. So, I set out to find a new device. I settled on the Sony IC recorder because of all the bells and whistles that it came with (and the price was right). It has five folders for storage (and an mp3 folder), 11 hour battery life and 115 hours of recording (at the highest quality). Most importantly, it has PC connectivity.

I have to do two interviews this week for a project, so I have been anxiously awaiting my fancy new recorder. I finally got it on Tuesday. I am very satisfied with the built-in microphone; the volume of the recordings is HORRIBLE!
So, I will have to purchase an intrusive external mic to use until I can justify buying yet another digital voice recorder.