When I decided to join the NaBloPoMo, I did not take into consideration the fact that our blog server is not always ‘functional’; there are times when it works great and times when you cannot sign in for a whole day (I’m writing this post in word right now).
So, to side step this problem, I vow to post thirty times this month.

I recently finished reading one of my last summer reading books. This book is called The Girl’s Guide to Being a Boss (without being a bitch) by Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio. I found this book on amazon during a search to find management books for my work reading group. Since there were only two females in our group, we did not get to read this one together. However, I do think it would be beneficial for males to read this book as well because it would give them insight on what it’s “like” to be a female and some of the struggles that women deal with in the workplace.

I loved this book. In addition to being an easy read, the authors give tips/advice that you can actually use and they interview women (that are bosses at big companies) about what it is like to be in charge and the interviewees give tips and advice. The book is divided into ten different chapters which makes it easy to reference. Another benefit of the book is all of the references made in the book that you can look up online for additional sources.

I gave this book ***** (five stars) for its useful advice and because I enjoyed reading it.
The authors share their various experiences with handling difficult situations and decisions, they interviewed other women (there are probably ten to fifteen interviews in the book) so you get even more advice, they give you ideas of what you might be up against and how to avoid some situations and also ways of dealing with situations that have already happened.