I really can’t add much to the discussion about Open Access Anthropology, so I just want to redirect you guys to the Open Access Homepage that sums it up nicely.

There is a mailing group, t-shirts to support the cause, and most importantly a letter to the sections of AAA about Open Access that I hope everyone will read and sign! This is a worth while cause and is very important so please take five minutes to look into it.

I am most excited about the idea of open access anthropology because it gives more people access to anthropological research. All too often the “studied” do not have access to the write-up of research done about them or a student researcher can’t get to existing papers because they are locked behind a paid subscription link. There are a lot of advantages to making our research more accessible and there aren’t a lot of risks. Maybe some people are scared to open their research up to an even bigger audience and running the chance of more criticism?

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