I’m getting ready to head to the airport. I’ll be back in Florida at 9 pm (hopefully), and I need to do a lot of work on the plane ride home. Welcome to grad school 🙂

On Wednesday I wrote about the vibe of the conference and how I really wasn’t feeling it. Well, things got a lot better throughout the week and I ended up really enjoying the conference! I spoke to some other people and they said the vibe of the conference was different than years past- but I can’t really speak to that. I ended up meeting some really interesting and (gasp) down to earth people. However, after Wednesday, I did occasionally run into a few “bad apples” that were a little tough to be around. Some of the older professors appeared to get a big kick out of asking me about the online program and than filling me in on why I am making a huge mistake and my education is basically going to be worthless. One man went so far as to say he was questioning my morals because of the online program and that he would like to see academia return to how it was in the 19th century. I’m not sure what to take from that, but perhaps he wants to see only white males living on campus?

It’s the professor like those mentioned above that really rub me the wrong way and those were the types I kept meeting at first… but I found my niche finally and met some really awesome people as well.

I’m going to be writing my notes out from the conference throughout the week. It may take a while because of the holiday and traveling.