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Well- I guess it may not be in the “news”, but it’s in some current anthropology publications.

In last month’s issue of Anthropology News there are three short articles about anthropology and the Internet. One is written by Christina Wasson of UNT. Her article is about the online program and is a good read for anyone considering the program. She also speaks briefly about the pilot study comparing the online version and the on-campus version of the same grad course that I am an RA for.
I have access to AnthroSource through UNT, but I can’t access this issue online. If you can’t get to it- look around your department or prof’s offices 🙂

UNT is also in the current (Winter 2007) special issue of Practicing Anthropology the whole UNT group writes about the online program, it’s conception, and their roles in it. I highly recommend the issue to anyone that is interested in the program, in online education, or maybe someone that wants to be able to argue intelligently about the program 😉