I took three archaeology classes as an undergraduate and for the most part the only thing I got out of them is a well-informed opinion that I do not like archaeology- it’s just not my thing. BUT- one of the three classes was Dr. Tykot’s Fantastic Archaeology and this was an awesome class. Here is a copy of his online syllabus with readings, etc. Plus, it’s an online course and we all know how much I like online courses!

Anyhow, in this course we used Frauds, Myths, Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology. Here is a linkto the book online. It’s a great book- very interesting and easy to read. The book and the course covered some basic archaeology hoaxes. Despite my lack of interesting in archaeology, I can appreciate a story about a great scandal or the “fooling” of the masses. To this end- I still read articles about Piltdown man, etc when I come across them. Recently, I saw this site, which explores the question ‘could we be fooled again?’.

As you’ve probably already seen today in the news, James Cameron will be holding a press conference to announce the finding of Jesus of Nazareth’s (and family) tombs. There is statistical, archaeological and DNA evidence that the tombs discovered in 1980 are indeed those of Jesus and his family. Discovery channel has devoted a website to the project and there will be a documentary to air March 4th.

I must be missing something- why the hell is James Cameron involved in this and why the hell is he making the announcement? He doesn’t really hold much scientific authority with me and his involvement makes me very skeptical about the scientific groundings of this. I think Will summed it up nicely: “Stick to sinking ships and aliens, James”.