Yesterday, Thursday, was an awesome day. There were several receptions in the evening, which brought a lot of conference attenders together to socialize. Groups of people were gathering everywhere and talking and it was nice to see.

The student party last night was at my favorite Irish Pub and the turn out was respectable. We were actually graced by the presence of a well-known Irish folk singer, Jimmy Crowley– although I’m not sure anyone realized it.

My good friend from Wayne State, Celina Kapoor, and I recorded two sessions yesterday. I haven’t talked much about which sessions we are recording because I don’t want to jinx the recordings. I’m confident that the quality is of high-quality, so I’ll announce these two. Part I and Part II of Global Health in the Time of Violence. Presenters were; Paul Farmer, Phillipe Bourgois, Merrill Singer, Linda Whiteford, Carolyn Nordstrom, Barbara Rylko-Bauer, Didier Fassin, and Jame Quesada, all of whom were excellent speakers with excellent things to say. The room was packed and I believe there was 300+ people at any given time. These are the rockstars of anthropology. All of the presenters were thrilled to have their speeches recorded for the podcasting project and they even had me announce the project to the group. The fact that all of these presenters were excited about the opportunity to be recorded made the project worth it to me in itself. It actually was quite an honor 🙂 What’s more, is how nice everyone was! These are the folks that are asked for autographs and followed around by groupies, but they are the most down-to-earth, nice people. We need more people like them in academia.

I’m off to the conference again today, more updates to come later.