Yesterday was the last day of the SfAA conference. I have to say that I’m a little “anthropologed out” (yes I had to invent a word to describe my state of mind). Four days of hearing about “all things anthropology” all day, every day is exhausting!

I presented yesterday on my undergraduate research and applying linguistics, to a room full of 9 people! I thank those 9 very much though. It was actually nice to have a small audience for my first presentation because it made me less nervous. Our Q&A was excellent, as is usually the case, and some of the audience had some very thought provoking questions and comments. I’m going to post my paper later this week and I’ll add more about the comments, etc then.

We recorded four sessions yesterday. Four is a lot of a two person team to do in one day (especially on the last day of the conference). On top of the four sessions and presenting- I was exhausted! Two of the sessions yesterday did not record well enough to be published. One didn’t record the audio at all and the other (my session) had multiple voices over top of mine and it is inaudible. What a shame! But, I think 2 out of 9 isn’t too bad!

Today is my “day off” so I’m going to relax.