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My session at the SfAA was one of the two that did not record properly. We think we might be able to fix the recording, but I’m going to go a head and post my paper and powerpoint slides.

This was my undergrad research and thus was not run through the IRB. To this end, you shouldn’t cite it. I wanted to continue (or start over) with this research this summer, but have decided against it because I’ve quit smoking. I think that the PI really would either need to be a smoker (to get “in” with the community) or be somebody that has smoked and isn’t worried about wanting to start again.

Either way, I hope that someone takes this idea as inspiration and continues the project because it is important. A lot can be learned by such a study. One of the comments in our Q&A session was that if we could learn why college aged (freshmen) start smoking than we might be able to implement a substitution to give them an alternative to smoking. The example was that if freshmen start smoking to have an excuse to hang out in the crowded smoking room and segue into others’ conversations and meet people than an alternative might be introduced, i.e. crowded game room to serve as a hangout and meet people space.