The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) has had a seemingly productive year thus far.
The Society has added podcasts of a few sessions from the Annual Meeting, a social network for members and non-members to socialize, and now the Society has announced that Human Organization (a SfAA publication) is available online (you do have to be a member to have access though).

Personally, I believe that the online social network is the best addition to the society. It will (and has begun to) serve as a space for people to collaborate and share information year-round. Prior to the start of this site, the only way for students to communicate with each other was through a forum managed by the SfAA’s student committee- prior to the boards being taken down last month- there was very little discussion and the student info section had not been updated since the 2006 meeting in Vancouver… let’s hope the new network works better.