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I wanted to remind everyone that the SfAA podcasts from the 67th Annual Meeting of the SfAA will be taken down from this website on August 1, 2007. To this end, make sure you download the podcasts that you want before then. Also, if you know someone that might be interested in any of the recordings- make sure you tell them about the website soon so that they will have the opportunity to download the podcasts before then too. After August 1 there will be more frequent updates, calls for help, and calls for participation on this site, so please continue to subscribe to this site’s RSS feed or email updates of new posts so that you don’t miss out! If you’ve had thoughts/comments/complaints/etc. that you haven’t submitted, now would be a great time to do that too so that they can be considered when we plan for next year!

Why are the podcasts being taken down you ask?

What an excellent question! The decision to make the files available for a few months was mainly based on two factors. Tom May and I picked a date to remove the files after hearing some participants concerns of having the files available long-term. Also, we are storing the files on a file server at the University of North Texas this year. The Center for Distributed Learning at UNT was not able to guarantee free server space past the date.

Going forward, I believe that we (still looking for volunteers!) will keep the files up either permanently or for a longer period of time. This will all depend on how much feedback and communication we receive from participants on the matter. The server space for next year has been taken care of, so that will no longer be a factor.

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