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Again, this blog post would be better off as a wiki and I’m still working on that.

I’m currently working on my fifth research project, and while that by no means makes me an expert I have collected quite a few software & online resources that I use to organize, inspire, and manage the elements of my research. I’m organizing the resources in the traditional research outline- having the idea, literature review, research design, transcription, analysis, write up, and “publishing” findings. Depending on your approach to research i.e., grounded theory, etc. and the scope of your research i.e., project vs. paper, you may need to re-order the outline or you may want to pick and chose from the list.

I’ve decided to break the list into a seven part series to avoid the posts being 20 pages long. Here’s part 1

Be sure to bookmark all of the webpages that you find of interest so that you may reference back to them! I prefer del.icio.us, but there are many social bookmarking websites and you can also use your browser to bookmark.

I find wikis to be particularly useful in keeping track of my thoughts, websites, etc. Learn about wikis here.
Mind mapping software is also a very easy way to keep track of your ideas for a project. Learn about mind mapping here.

Inspiration for a Project

Here are my recommendations for places to get inspirations for projects- it’s important to note that you should not copy others’ ideas, but expanding your horizons about your knowledge of what others are doing, and your knowledge in general, is a great way to get new ideas.

  • Podcasts & Videos

  • SfAA podcasts (not up right now, but will be after the 2008 Meeting)
    Other anthropology podcasts
    Google video search for “anthropology”
    Bookmarks on del.icio.us for “anthropology+podcast

  • Blogs

  • Bookmarks on del.icio.us for “anthropology+blogs
    Anthropologi.info‘s list of anthropology blogs
    Four Stone Hearth (anthropology blogging carnival)

  • Listservs

  • This website has a good list of anthropology listservs
    This is the AAA (American Anthropological Association) list of listservs

  • Forums

  • MySpace anthropology-related forums via Moving Anthropology Student Network

  • Social Networks

  • Twitter
    SfAA ning network
    Linked In
    Moving Anthropology Student Network

  • Online Journals

  • a list of online social science journals
    Another good list of online journals

    I find reading (be it online, books, articles, etc.) and engaging in conversation (virtual and face-to-face), specifically with people whom have different views/interests, to be my inspiration for both research and live in general- the above ways are the places that I do this online.

    What are the ways you find inspiration online?

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