Via Chirs Brogan’s blog I learned that today is Blog Day.

So, what is Blog Day? Well, it began in 2004 as a way to get bloggers to reach out and get to know each other. Participants should recommend five blogs (that are new to you) that are either from other countries or different areas of interest than their own. I’m always up for expanding my horizons and I’m sure you all are too! So here goes (not all are new to me today- but recent additions to my readings):

Jane Wynn’s Studio This blog is written by Jane Wynn, whom I met virtually when she emailed me asking if I knew anything about my branch of the Cardew’s history. We’ve learned that we might be distant, distant cousins and she’s been really fun to chat with over email! Jane is an artist and is currently working on publishing a book and teaching. She posts a lot of pictures of her work and her work and herself are both very interesting! Link

Radical Anthropologist is a new blog about anthropology. The author is currently doing posts on conducting fieldwork (hey, that was supposed to be my next post.. I should actually read my RSS feeds 🙂 The author’s interests actually seem to be quite similar to my own- but I don’t know what country the author lives in (so I’m counting it)… Link

My New Leg is managed by Steve, who is going through the process of getting a new prosthetic leg. He shares his experience with adapting to the new limb, the design of it, and his thoughts. It’s very insightful and I’ve really enjoyed reading his experiences. He’s recently added new contributors and has expanded the scope of his site to be prosthetic limbs! Link

Next up we have Cyber Anthropology. This blog is written by Diana, a new UNT online student. This blog is about “culture on the internet and internet culture”. Link

And, last but not least, Old Dirt – New Thoughts which is written by Brian who is an archeologist that conducts fieldwork in Alaska. As we all know, archeology is not part of my interests 😉 but this is a very insightful blog.

Now go forth and explore these 5 new frontiers.

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