This is part 6 of a 7 part series about software and internet resources for research. Part 1, “Inspiration for an Idea,” can be found here and part 2, “Literature Review,” can be found here, part 3, “Research,” can be found here, part 4, “Transcription”, can be found here, and part 5, “Analysis,” can be found here.

All right, the data collection is done, interviews have been transcribed, and you’ve done your analysis- now it’s time to write up your reports!

For the actual writing, I use Microsoft Word, but you can use what ever you prefer.

Now, your efforts in maintaining Yep with all of your initial literature reviews will pay off for you now. Once you’ve discovered whatever was to be found in your data, it will make referencing the existing literature much easier.

But really this is the stage where all of your preparation and organization will pay off for you. All of the mind maps, wikis, and notes that you’ve been maintaining will make the actual write up easier and it process will go a little quicker for you.
Another piece of helpful software for this stage is End Note, which helps with the organization of bibliographies.

The write up isn’t your last step in research- you must publicize your work. There are many ways to go about this and the internet is the most useful resources for you. Part 7 is coming soon!