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This is part 7 of a 7 part series about software and internet resources for research. Part 1, “Inspiration for an Idea,” can be found here and part 2, “Literature Review,” can be found here, part 3, “Research,” can be found here, part 4, “Transcription”, can be found here, part 5, “Analysis,” can be found here, and part 6, “Write up,” can be found here.

The internet has the potential to be your most valuable tool in research when you are ready to publish your findings. There are many resources online available to help you and if you do chose to publish on the internet you will make your research more accessible and you will increase the opportunity for others to start a dialog with you about it.

I do encourage you to start a blog, or post on your existing blog, the process of conducting your fieldwork, etc. so that others can learn from you. While the number of anthropology blogs is exponentially increasing, anthropology as a discipline is still underrepresented online. (Could this be because of our ivory tower roots and the nature of the discipline to work independently??)

In addition to creating a blog and blogging about your research, I would encourage people to submit an article about their project to Four Stone Hearth, a bi-weekly anthropology blogging carnival. Four Stone Hearth has been very successful and has a large audience, this will give you an opportunity to hear feedback, thoughts, etc. from others.

There are also a number of online journal that you could submit articles to in the hopes of having them included. Here are two links to lists of online journals here and here.