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On Monday, I wrote about my experience at EPIC back in October, but I have a few last thoughts.

I mentioned the Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions, this was a break out done on Friday afternoon. Attendees started to propose topics for the sessions and others voted on the ones they were most interested. On Friday after lunch the topics were finalized and we met in groups for about 2 hours (or something like that). I went into a group with Amy Goldmacher, Chris Miller, Mark Dawson, and many other folks. Our topic was ‘what students need in order to be able to actually practice once they graduate.’ The majority of the group were anthropologists and thus we focused on what anthropology students need to learn in terms of experience, skills, knowledge, etc. in order to be employable after they graduate. The session was very informative and Amy is working on setting up a listserv for us to continue the conversation. We’ll also be using Student Anthropology to continue the discussion.

The BoF part of the conference was probably my favorite portion. Our particular group was super productive and we had a good mix of practitioners, academics, students, and other disciplines to complement the view points. I’d never done a BoF before, it’s something that you’d never see at the AAA or SfAA, except for the informal ad hoc meetings in the hallway. Ugh, I just used ‘ad hoc’ in a sentence =P

Here is a link to photos from EPIC2007 on Flickr. LINK

Here’s a picture of me that is in the photo set, I’m the one standing up on the left. LINK

Here is a link to the EPIC2007 website; abstracts, notes, papers, etc. should be uploaded (or will be coming soon if they’re not there now). LINK