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I’m not going to get into the fact that conferences are expensive, nor will spend anytime on the irrelevance of conferences, the rise of “unconferences,” or any other critique of them. I have my opinions of conferences, and for the most part it seems a bit contradictory that I’ll be attending so many… but I’m a student, I get discounts (I’ll take advantage while I can 😉

Today, Tim and I registered for the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) in Miami, Florida. Part of our discussion to go was simply because it’s so close to home for us (home is Tampa, FL) and the affordable cost of the trip (early registration is only $150 for non-students, $50 for students). But, I’m looking forward to FOWA because it’s not anthropology – it’ll help me to expand my horizons a bit. Plus, it’s neat that Tim (total geek) and me (totally awesome) can go to the same events and enjoy them (we went to BarCamp Orlando and had a lot of fun). BarCamp Miami is during FOWA, so we’ll be there too 🙂

Two weeks after FOWA, Tim and I will be headed to Austin, TX for SXSW. We’ll be there for the Interactive part, so again, it’s cool we can go together (we’ll get totally different things from the sessions) and I’ll be expanding my horizons. Really excited about SXSW.

Two weeks after SXSW, I’ll be in Memphis, TN for the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Meeting. I always have a good time at the SfAA Meetings, and I’ll be doing the SfAA Podcasts again in Memphis (much news about that project – I’ll post about it soon!).

Late February – early April is going to be super busy! EPIC is in Denmark next year… I hope to be there – but who knows! I’m currently taking a break from working on our paper for the American Anthropological Assoc. conference (AAA) this year in DC – that takes place at the end of November.

I’m really not looking forward to being busy or being away from home that much – BUT, like I said, I’ll take advantage of the student discounts and University funding while it lasts 🙂