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That’s right, the AAA now has a blog (note that it’s a free blogspot blog – see, it doesn’t have to cost much money to step into the 20th Century 😉

The first (and only) entry is about the “AAA Board Statement on HTS” (the embedded anthropologists in the military). There are a few comments on the entry. I’m not sure if the blog was started to comment on the Board’s decision or not, it doesn’t really matter what the reasons were – I just hope someone will keep it up.

I’m very happy to see the amount of discussion that took place in the last few weeks regarding the HTS. There was much discussion on blogs, listervs, the SfAA Ning network, etc. It seems that once the discipline has some dilemma that people will bond, unite, and discuss it – it’s nice to see some soft of community 🙂

Here are a few entries about the AAA blog from other anthropology bloggers:
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