Ah, the post for November 9th is a couple of hours late because I spent yesterday sleeping and being miserable on the couch 😉 We celebrated my birthday just a tad too much and something I ate didn’t agree with me either.

So I’m 25 now. I’m not weird about my age- if someone asks me how old I am, I tell them, and I never dread a birthday or anything of the like. I do know women around my age that are like that, and that’s fine- it’s just not my style. The only reservation I had about turning 25 was that I’m still in school. I always thought that I’d be out of school and in a career by 25 (who knows why I picked that age?!). Upon thinking about it, I realized I was holding myself to standards that I ignorantly set when I was a teenager, and I let it go. 🙂

This year’s birthday was particularly fun for me because I got so many birthday wishes from so many people! I’m active on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and I got 10 or so messages on each on Thursday! It was so fun to login and see messages from people, some of the people I know mainly from the networks (read not f2f) and others I’ve known since elementary school. It helps that Myspace and Facebook announce your friends’ birthdays.