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I’m a big fan of del.icio.us and while I don’t use it as actively as I used to, it’s still one of my favorite sites. Well, a couple of years ago I wrote a post about “Mavens Hanging out on Del.icio.us“, when I went to del.icio.us the post myself, I found that someone had beaten me to it (by the way, I remember that because it was one of the most flattering things to me- someone else read it and bookmarked it!). I added the person to my network, Danafu, he reciprocated that, and throughout the years we’ve received many links from each other.

While I was at EPIC, someone came up to me and introduced himself as “Danafu.” Sure enough, it was Danafu from my del.icio.us network! We had never met face-to-face before, and I didn’t even know he would be at the conference. We had lunch together, and much like I’d expect given our shared interest in links, we had a very good conversation and had many similar interests. Hi Dana!!

It really was a neat coincidence!

I noticed that someone else in my del.icio.us network added “met her at EPIC” in the notes field of one of their bookmarks (a company’s website “about us” page). I didn’t meet him at EPIC, but it’s neat that he was there too!