With much encouragement for my pre-practicum professor to decide what area of design anthropology I’d like to go into, I’ve declared that I will be entering into the tech industry. My focus in school has been design anthropology for the last year (or so), and I will be taking this knowledge with me in hopes of being able to inform website, web applications, and perhaps software designs through user-centered research.

The decision to go into the tech industry is probably not shocking to many people that know me. I’m making the move because the industry is not completely unfamiliar to me, I tend to like tech geeks (I know that’s stereo-typing, but I’ve found it to be true), I have a knack for picking up tech (especially web) knowledge quickly, and I have a genuine interest in technology.

We’ll see how the move goes for me. I’m looking forward to it and I have to admit that it’s comforting to have a destination in sight. I’m currently looking for an elective to fill and hope to find a web design type course. I’ve spoken to other design anthropologists in the tech field and it appears that you do not have to have “tech knowledge,” but it seems like it would make research easier.