I spent about 6 hours at the main conference hotel yesterday and while I did not attend any sessions, I had a great time! The vibe of this year’s AAA is drastically different from last year’s and I’m contributing this to two things; there is a central location for people to hang out in (last year the convention center was not conducive to hanging out) and I know significantly more people. I’ve met a ton of people in the last year because of the podcast project and knowing people makes conferences more fun (half the fun is running into friends, etc.!).

Yesterday I met up with John Curran . I’ve emailed with John before, but had not met him f2f yet. He’s a great guy!

I also met the program chairs for both the 2008 and 2009 SfAA Meetings. Both chairs are supportive of the SfAA podcasts and I’m looking forward to working with them!

I also went to dinner with five people to discuss the podcast project. It was a very productive meeting and we discussed funding, documentation, consent forms, etc. Going forward the podcasts will be hosted much longer than four months and there will be an option for professors to use them in their courses! The podcasts will also remain free to the listeners 😉

I’m off to yet another meeting in a bit…