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The AAA conference in DC went on until Sunday, December 2 but Saturday was the last day I went in. By the time our session was over on Saturday, I was completely conferenced out!

I spent the majority of the day on Friday in various meetings/meet-ups/etc. I had a much needed f2f meeting with my advisor and we’ve figured out an approach for finding my practicum idea- I have several ideas, but nothing ‘perfect’ yet.

We presented our research on online-on-campus education on Saturday morning. The session went pretty well and we had some questions after the session. There were about 50 people in the room while we were presenting- this was an improvement over last year’s 8 🙂 If anyone has interest in reading our paper “Using Linguistic Anthropology to Compare Online and On-Campus Learning Experiences” let me know. The focus for the paper was on the experiences in class discussions.

Overall, I felt like this year’s AAA conference was much better than last year’s. It’s likely that I’ll attend the 2008 meeting in San Francisco, but I’m not sure if I’ll chose to go after I graduate- the SfAA conference is much more comfortable for me and is of more interest to me as well. I was in one of three ‘applied’ sessions at the AAA and it wasn’t as ‘applied’ as you’d find at the SfAA (some papers were, some were not). I do not like non-applied anthropology; I’ve always been in an applied department and I plan to always do applied work.

The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) is a group within the AAA, as is Ethnography in Praxis Conference (EPIC); if I continue to be part of the AAA post-graduation it will likely be because of these 2 organizations.