This was posted to an anthropology listserv this morning. It’s a job position for a TV host for a show that will explore international tattoo culture. I just starting laughing hysterically when I read it- did the person that wrote this think about it or re-read it before they sent it out? It specifically says “looking for anthropologists…” in the beginning- did they not think of how anthropologists may react to it? Have they never met an anthropologist?

I really don’t feel like much comment is needed, but I underlined and made bold the parts that I found to be funniest:

“Subject: Seeking Anthropologists or Journalists or Travel Writers to
Host New TV Series Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 16:15:40 -0500 From:

New York Documentary Television Production Company is seeking
anthropologists or journalists or travel writers to host a new
documentary TV series for a major cable network about tattoo culture
around the world. We are looking for someone who is attractive, smart,
a guy’s guy, adventurous, engaging, inquisitive. Someone who’s up for
anything, not afraid to get dirty, be in dangerous situations.
a tattoo is a plus!
This is someone who is driven by curiosity and can
share the experience — be it in Russian prison tattoo parlors or
Puerto Rican gangs — with an audience. He’s not in it to get tattooed
but is a seeker with real world experience. This is an opportunity to
host a primetime cable tv series. Must be willing to travel. This
could turn into a full-time job. If you fit this description, please
film yourself answering the following questions. Personality is key so
have fun with this, while imparting intellect and curiosity. 5-10
minutes max. Shoot outdoors if possible. Waist up so I can see your
face. Going for an outdoorsy look, not clean-cut, not too edgy. Please
email your clips
[Must be received by Monday, Dec 10, 2007]

1. Your name, where you live
2. Your bio in brief – professional, education, hobbies
3. Travel experience — where have you been overseas? Most memorable
4. Show us your tattoos [if you have any]. Give a brief explanation of
2 of them. Why are you interested in tattoos? Or why are you interested
in investigating cultures around the world?
5. What are you most passionate about? Give us a one-minute tutorial on
the subject.
6. Have the camera follow you to go “interview” someone (could be
someone a few feet away). Ask that person a few questions about a topic
they know about.
7. Eat something spicey, sour, gross and react – tell us what it tastes
like, feels like. Make us feel like we’re experiencing it too.

Tape can be submitted via email, or hard copies on DVD, VHS, or Mini-DV
formats. Materials will not be returned.

Must be received by Dec 10, 2007.

Thank you.

Friday, December 28, 2007 at 10PM
Discovery Channel (Following MAN VS. WILD)”

((I took out the identifying information, but I can forward you the email if you like. BTW I’m not one for telling others what to do (did you notice my silence on the HTS issue?) BUT I don’t think any self-respecting anthropologist should respond to this… unless you truly believe you could change their views (and you probably can’t))