This is from the AAA eNews for April 2008:

“Tune in regularly to our bi-weekly podcast for news and updates on the AAA. To listen to the podcast, visit the AAA website and look under the “New Features” section on the homepage. To download the most recent podcast, please visit this site.

To subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, please visit this site

While I’m sure they will not be quite as awesome as the SfAA podcasts, I can admit I am a bit biased towards the SfAA podcasts 😉

I’ll be interested to see how ‘successful’ the AAA’s podcasts are. One thing I noticed in their announcement was they didn’t provide an explanation about what a podcast is, etc. If I’m having trouble making these concepts accessible within the SfAA I can only imagine that the AAA will face similar struggles.

Regardless, I appreciate the AAA’s move into the 21st Century- I doubt they’ll do any sessions from the conference though…