I graduated last month from the University of North Texas online masters program in applied anthropology. Finally. My practicum consumed most of my life for the last year as I was also working full-time in a market research agency. No excuse really, but I’m back now and that’s what counts.

Since May 15, 2008 (the last year post) sort of in this order:

  • Changed my blog name from Synthesis of Thought (but I’m not sure what I’ve changed it to yet)
  • Got an internship at Intrepid Consultants, Inc – a Seattle based market research firm specializing in technology
  • Moved to Seattle and started my internship/practicum in “Translating Virtual Ethnography from Academia into Practice”
  • Got married – eloped in San Francisco on the second day of the AAA last November
  • Gone back-and-forth on if I want to go by “Jen Kersey” or “Jen Cardew Kersey” or “Jen Cardew” professionally, but Kersey legally… it’s tough
  • Continued to work on the SfAA Podcasts (the quality is SO much better this year, check them out http://www.sfaapodcasts.net)
  • Wrote a 99 page write-up about my practicum
  • Went to Hawaii
  • Graduated!
  • Went to EPIC2009 in Chicago

I’m still working on fixing links on this site and getting it organized. Once that’s set, I’m going to start a series about my practicum.  The work itself is confidential but the issues I encountered in translating an academic methodology into practice are ones that I can talk about.

More soon.