Concept value testing for entrepreneurial developers that are socially connecting applications (focus groups) 2010

Understanding the decision making processes, barriers, enablers, and habits of entrepreneurial developers integrating video into their products (developer in-depth interviews & focus groups) 2010

Refreshing world-wide segmentation of developers (stakeholder interviews, developer in-depth interviews & focus groups) 2010

Exploring attitudes around Microsoft Certifications & Exams (in-depth interviews & focus groups) 2010

Consumer use of Software as a Service (focus groups) 2010

Decision making in the technology industry with Rising Stars (in-depth interviews & focus groups) 2010

IT Pro Round Table (focus group) 2010

Concept value testing for the future development of developer technologies (in-depth interviews & focus groups) 2010

Rising Stars Advisory Council (online portal) 2010

Exploration of the role of in-store game console kiosks in consumer purchasing (friendship groups and in-store ethnographic observation and interviews) 2009

Users perceptions and attitudes of the function, role, and usability of cell phones (focus groups) 2009

Testing development tool value propositions (international focus groups) 2009

Decision making and work experiences of developers (international in-depth interviews & focus groups) 2009

Exploratory research into the habits and practices of Mac users using Windows on their Macs (virtual ethnography and in-depth interviews) 2009

Understanding what is “core” and “familiar” in Windows (in-home friendship triads, virtual ethnography, and in-depth interviews) 2009

Attitudes, habits and practices of web contributors (focus groups) 2008

Competitive analysis of the usability and ecosystems of cell phones (observation) 2008

Messaging and positioning for a security platform (in-depth interviews, competitive analysis, and focus groups) 2008

Employee satisfaction within Central and South America (quantitative survey) 2008

Deep dive comparison of user perceptions of two productivity suites (in-depth interviews) 2008


Informing the development of an online physician portal (quantitative survey, in-depth interviews and Subject Matter Experts) 2010

Exploring the fan culture of a popular seasonal candy (virtual ethnography) 2010

Informing digital content creation & localization for PBSKidsGO! (in-home groups, in-depth interviews and Subject Matter Experts) 2009

Segmentation of certified distribution partners in the US (survey and in-depth interviews) 2009

Millennial values in business (online portal, surveys, and focus groups) 2009

Millennial female attitudes and perceptions of “all things vaginal” (virtual ethnography) 2008

The ecosystem of language learning and dictionaries online (virtual ethnography) 2008


Comparing Online and On-Campus Versions of the Same Graduate Course, Research Assistant 2007-2009

Red Cross & Governance, Organizational Anthropology (Class Project) 2008

Statistical Analysis of the Worlds Value Survey (Class Project) 2007

Understanding the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Regarding Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus & Clostridium Difficile Among the General Population to Assist the Public Health Problem and Strategies to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance (Class Project) 2006


Justification of Smokers as a Subculture Established Through Linguistic Analysis and Observation (Independent Project) 2004

Communication within a Bookstore (Independent Project) 2004

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